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Peter Island Resort

Features: Scuba, Weddings, Honeymoons, Spa, Condé Nast List
DAI Inside Scoop: On a private 1800-acre island south of Tortola is the fifty room luxury hotel, Peter Island Beach Resort. There are four white sand beaches, and beautiful tropical scenery. The resort has a gourmet restaurant and bar, gift shop, and swimming pool. One of the centers of activity is the clubhouse, which is half enclosed and half outdoors. Afternoon tea, as well as diners, lunches, and breakfasts are served daily. On Saturday night there is a seafood buffet served that draws both guests and visiting yachts people.

Customer Reviews

Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands Tom and I (Sue OKray from DAI) wanted to go somewhere for this vacation that we’d never been to before, so I began doing som...
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