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Kura Hulanda

DAI Inside Scoop: A brief 15-minute ride from the airport, Kura Hulanda
Resort is nestled above the glorious St. Anna Bay in
central Willemstad (the capital city of Curacao) near
the Queen Emma Bridge. The 65 buildings that comprise
Hotel Kura Hulanda are the Museum Kura Hulanda's largest
exhibit -- a superb collection of 18th and 19th century
architecture. This Dutch Colonial historic district is
a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Kura Hulanda Resort is a 100-room boutique style resort
located within a village complex. Within this village
complex are several outstanding properties in addition
to the hotel, which comprise the project that spans 8
blocks. These properties include a 21st century conference
center, the Museum Kura Hulanda (an anthropological museum)
and a widely respected organization for advanced
cultural studies.